Hauptwerk Console

This custom Hauptwerk console with ornamental pipework was built in 2018.

It features 4 manuals, pedalboard, 4 expression pedals, 25 thumb and 5 foot pistons.

The adjustable bench was also custom built for the console.


Weis Memorial

The Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University donated their Auditorium Pipe Organ to the Weis Memorial Congregational Church in Port Elizabeth.

The pipe organ was rebuilt in 2014 with a new casing and extended with Weis Memorial’s original 4 rank pipe organ.

Arcadia Moravian

The Moravian Church in Arcadia, Port Elizabeth, purchased a second hand pipe organ, this organ was reconstructed with a new casing. This two manual organ consists of 4 Great and 5 Swell Stops and a full 16′ Pedal Bourdon. The reconstruction and installation work was completed in 2009.