The Feather Market Concert Organ

Commissioned by the City Council of Port Elizabeth in 1996 the Feather Market Concert Organ was built by Jan Pekelharing.
The construction work began in 1996 and would take 3 years before finally being completed in 1999.
This instrument is the largest “free standing” Pipe Organ in South Africa and the third largest overall. It boasts 93 stops and a total of 5508 individual pipes, weighs in the region of 20 tons, is 14m high, 10m wide and 4.5m deep!

The Organ is completely controlled by a solid state computer system supplied by Solid State Organ Systems of England.
The Solid State “Multisystem” includes a Midi interface, which apart from allowing the use of additional electronic sounds through means of a Midi synthesizer or any Midi capable instrument, also allows the recording and playback of performances.