Hauptwerk consoles

While a pipe organ in the home is a dream for many organists and enthusiasts, practically and financially this is often not possible.

Hauptwerk is a software solution for emulating various modern and historic pipe organs, this makes it potentially very compact and affordable when compared with a pipe organ. For more information on Hauptwerk see their website at https://www.hauptwerk.com/.

A Hauptwerk console can be anything from a simple one manual design to multiple manuals with thumb pistons, pedalboard and expression pedals. See http://www.pekelharing.co.za/showcase/hauptwerk-console/ for an example of a comprehensive Hauptwerk console which we built.

We are able to assist with custom Hauptwerk consoles, whether it’s building the complete console to specification together with all wiring and electronics or if it’s just an empty console for organists who would prefer to complete the internals themselves, please feel free to contact us with your requirements.