Frequently asked questions

Where are you based? Which areas do you service?

We are based in Port Elizabeth.

For regular maintenance and tuning our service area is currently within the Eastern and Western Cape. For larger once off repairs/upgrades etc. we are generally prepared to travel anywhere subject to scheduling. Further locations will naturally incur greater travelling expenses.

How frequently should a pipe organ be tuned?

This can differ greatly from organ to organ and is largely affected by the climate and composition of the pipe organ. Reed stops notoriously have less tuning stability than flue stops.

We generally recommend at least once but preferably twice per year. However in a few cases a tuning every second year suffices.

What does a normal tuning service entail?

Our normal tuning service entails correctional tuning and voicing as necessary, this means we will not alter the general tuning pitch or character of the organ as these would be far more time intensive tasks.

We also perform basic maintenance together with our regular tuning, this would include minor repairs especially where no spare components are required.

Finally, we always inspect each organ’s general condition and will report on any abnormalities or concerns including potential future concerns (e.g., bellows showing signs of wear).

When do regular tuning visits take place?

Our regular tuning services take place twice per year around April – May and again October – December.

Our tuning services are based on a fixed schedule in order to keep prices reasonable.